Calling the coastal city of Agadir, Morocco home, ocien is a new up and coming international house music producer that everyone should be paying attention to. His debut release "Funeral Home" is daringly original, tasteful and quirky for all the right reasons. Keep your ears and eyes on this yung song slinger out of Northern Africa.

2016 Icon Collective graduate Mike Miller teams up with new collaborator Rhota for his 4th label release. "Wanna Go" is a high energy tech house track that keeps you on your toes and dancing.

Alton Allen (aka Niteppl) is back with the second single off his upcoming "Bad Magick" LP. French Youth is a driving, guitar-smashing single commenting on feelings of isolation and stark memories of youth, and sees Alton wondering what would have turned out by being born in a different place, a different era, in a different world.

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