Bankwell is back with another retro-disco inspired cut. Featuring original vocals and a call out to social media quick fame, "Be Somebody"'s driving bassline will shine in any set.

Infectious dance-oriented electronic music producer Max Hahn, aka Projector, calls on vocalist/rapper Milliyaun to create a feel good party anthem that works outside the club. Positive energy gushes from this bouncing hip hop meets house track from the LA artists.

"Somebody I Liked" is the first single off Niteppl's 4th studio album and introduces his original vocal work as his new moniker Alton Allen. Featuring all original instrumentation driving a cathartically sad but upbeat and timeless song, "Somebody I Liked" is a perfect homage to the softer side of 80's pop rock. Its no wonder Alton San Giovanni has worked with artists ranging from Poolside to Low Roar. Be on the lookout for the full album in early 2021.

Produced by: Alton Allen, Tim Vickers Written by: Alton Allen, Tim Vickers Published by: Text Me Publishing

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