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Westcoast warehouse originator Errol Bangz teams up with LA legend Techno Tupac to cover Sexual Harassments's 1983 electro classic " I Need a Freak". Pounding synth bass, fat claps and 80's leads meander around Techno Tupac's iconic vocal rendition. The 80's are calling, and they approve.

"I Don't Walk" is the debut comemrcial release from LA based artist, Booty Cakes (real name Rebecca Jean). After years of producing music for film and video games, she's crossed over to releasing her original tracks in support her growing DJ career. This debut features all original vocals, production, mixing and mastering. Showcasing her stand out studio skills and flare for fun, energetic dance music.

LA based Roy LaCroix teams up with DC's Late London for a bi-coastal call to the dance floor. "Masquerade" echoes classic 80's disco, but this isn't a throw back. Driving drum grooves, euphoric synth stabs and meticulous bass lines all mix together for a club groover, regardless of the decade.

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