Seattle based artist ASW, aka Alex Wagner, is known for his high energy edm productions and moody soundscapes. "A Garden Overrun" marks the first single off his upcoming "Dahlia EP" on Popgang Records. It features ASW’s swooning, haunting and captivating falsetto vocals over a pulsing, contemplative deep progressive house groove; it takes you into a new world of sound that you’ve never felt in the club before - it tells a story.

Nick Dalton aka Meercat is a LA based DJ/Producer who has been rockin’ underground parties &after-hours parties the last 5 years. With a style that is raw with an uncompromising hypnotic groove that will hit you deep inside your core. "Yaya" marks his debut release on Popgang Records.

"Translucent" is the final single off Alton Allen's upcoming "Bad Magik" LP. This guitar drenched ballad is filled with contemplation and longing from the LA based artist.

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