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Popgang Records is pleased to announce the debut release of Pitch Invader. Born on the planet DISC09, the Pitch Invader has traveled from planet to planet, spreading the synthesized tones of his homeland. Next stop? Earth... "We were sitting in the car and it was pure silence between us, and Ryan turns on the radio, and it was soft rock. And on this station, REO Speedwagon starts singing, “I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore,” and I start to cry. I start to cry, and tears are falling down my cheeks, and Ryan’s driving the car thinking how the fuck do I get him out of my car? And then I start singing the song. It’s like foreplay, and I’m really getting into it, and I slap my knee and for the first time I turn to Ryan in the car and I look at him. I scream in his face because the music is so loud, and I say, “I got it! I got it.” He says, “What?” I say, “I know what Drive is. Its about a man who drives around at night listening to pop music, and that’s his emotional relief.” The "Falling EP" was made in a very familiar theme with much of the same inspiration. It's about a man who rides his motorcycle around at night listening to pop music and that's his emotional relief. Dark, warm synths. Cold, robotic vocoders and vocals that convey human emotion. Retro guitars ripping with reverb. A deliberate tempo.

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