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Los Angeles-based polymath PENNYWILD follows up her debut EP MIDI In Motion (released on Dome of Doom) and previous single Footsteps (released on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak) with NIGHT PEOPLE - a love letter to underground drag, rave, ball, and club culture. The EP is imbued with a burning passion for the sacred ritual that is going out and experiencing the magic of music on good speakers with great people. The soundscape chronologically follows PENNYWILD & various queer clubgoer chums as they embark on a night out. We consume their evening as a cohesive anthology piece vignette style, in which each song presents itself as a slice-of-life “episode”. Featuring candid vocal samples from actors SHERRY COLA (Freeform’s Good Trouble), ADWIN BROWN (Netflix’s You), EMMY BUCKNER (Disney’s Liv & Maddie) etc, the listener is dropped right smack in the center of our rowdy outing.

We open as the eager gaggle greet each other at the pregame (GET READY) and promptly continue to rage in the backseat of their Uber (SIDESTREETS). After a close-call car accident they make their way to the drag show, (DOLLARS, DOLLS, DRUGS) where the queens not-so-subtly remind them to lay their dollars on the dolls. Post-show, they get a hankering to re-fuel (FAST FOOD INTERLUDE) and naturally find their way to the after-hours function (SWEATBOX) where late night/early morning chaos ensues.


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