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PG127: Cyber Rodeo - Crack That Whip

Futuristic techno meets dirty electro on Cyber Rodeo’s new single “Crack That Whip.” The projecy was named after and inspired by their weekly party which originally began in the Bay Area. The event has continued to grow throughout the last few years including its pivot to a virtual version as a Twitch livestream in 2020. Playful, hard hitting and upbeat, Cyber Rodeo showcases their production prowess through the dexterous and intricately layered track. Incorporating a wide range of sounds and genres, “Crack That Whip” is best characterized by its robotic vocal sample, driving tech house beat, double-pedal metal, and Justice inspired outro. A solid listen from start to finish, the four and a half minute track is more fun than a showdown at sundown in Night City. “Crack That Whip” will be released on indie dance/electronic music emblem Popgang Records on January 29th.


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