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Los-Angeles based polymath PENNYWILD follows up her acclaimed debut EP “MIDI In Motion” (released on Dim Mak & Dome of Doom Records) with “NIGHT PEOPLE” - a love letter to underground drag, rave, ball, and club culture. “SIDE STREETS”, the first single, acts as a slice-of-life narrative depicting what it sounds like to hop in the backseat of an Uber with your closest friends, underscored by an upbeat driving house tune. It is the soundtrack to anticipating a riveting night out, with all the chaos and thrills that come with that sacred ritual. Previously featured in Spotify editorial playlists such as FRIDAY CRATEDIGGERS, THE BALLROOM (VOGUE), NIGHT RIDER, QUEER SPACES, FRESH FINDS, etc, “SIDE STREETS” will be sure to make a splash for pregame playlists everywhere.


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